LS1/6 C5 NOVI 1500 Supercharger Kit

LS1/6 C5 NOVI 1500 Supercharger Kit


ECS Centrifugal Supercharger Kit for 1997-04 C5 Corvettes

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The most proven centrifugal supercharger kit available for Corvettes. This is one of the most commonly installed power adders at New Era Performance and we strongly recommend it! With any questions about this kit, pleas contact us!

This is the system that started the revolution. The kit holds every record supercharged record for 97-04 Corvettes. The Fastest Stock bottom end LS1 & LS6; The Fastest Stock Cube C5; The Fastest Supercharged Late Model Corvette; All run the ECS Paxton Supercharging System.

It’s not the cheapest system for the C5, but it is the most complete. We’ve built in a large number of features that you won’t find in our competitors systems – or be charged upgrade fees for. At ECS we believe in providing the most reliable, powerful and complete system, rather than nickel and diming a customer to piece together a complete supercharging system.

A Superior Belt System

When you install a SC System on your C5, you dramatically increase the load on the vehicles belt system. That’s why we start our C5 system by addressing one of the most critical aspects of a centrifugal supercharging system – not addressed by other C5 SC manufactures. We start by including a super strong, custom belt tensioner designed, specifically, to handle the increased belt load. We go further by providing zinc coated steel, double walled ball bearing idlers to replace the factory plastic idlers that are expected to handle the belt load in other systems. And, we are the only manufacturer to provide a fixed idler kit that replaces the weakest idler on the C5, between the power steering and balancer which has proven time and time again fail under the stress of a supercharger system.

Strong and Functional Brackets

ECS uses a proprietary bracket system that provides the most belt wrap possible, while still being user friendly enough to enable easy and fast belt changes (without removal of the Head Unit) when necessary. Other systems will require you hours of additional labor to pull the head unit to perform a simple belt change. The ECS brackets are made in house from ¾ in billet aluminum and include steel idlers and a stout slide tensioner, allowing maximum belt wrap and traction.

System Contents & Features:

  • Kit adds approximately 200hp to otherwise stock vehicles, and the capability to deliver far more on modified Corvettes.
  • Belt driven NOVI 1500 centrifugal supercharger provides unmatched reliability
  • Fuel management upgrade includes an ECS “Boost A Pump” and 60# injectors for safe, reliable operation
  • Complete system fits under stock hood
  • Crank pin kit and new GM Crank bolt included
  • PCV oil separator/catch can to eliminate oil vapor from intake
  • ECS Valve Cover Breather
  • Billet aluminum supercharger mounting bracket assembly includes idler, drive belt and all necessary hardware
  • Kit includes new radiator / intercooler support which tilts radiator back to allow clearance of all ducting
  • High-flow, reusable air filter
  • Air inlet restrictor plate integrated into system provides greater low RPM hp & torque while maintaining safe peak RPM boost levels
  • Inlet and discharge duct connections utilize heat-resistant silicon sleeves and premium quality stainless steel clamps
  • Tial 50mm Blow Off Valve
  • Compatible with factory OBD II engine management systems
  • Heavy duty belt tensioners and fixed idlers with double ball bearing idlers to ensure proper belt tracking and traction
  • Kit comes with new NGK TR-6 spark plugs
  • New 160 degree thermostat to ensure adequate cooling
  • 6061 aluminum ducting
  • Standard kits come with blak head unit and black brackets with polished being an option

Please note: These systems will require ECM programming.

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